Bench testing

Built to Last: Bench Testing

Creating a product that we are proud to call Built to Last is often a challenging and complex process. In order to cater for a range of clients, each of whom have a series of unique technical requirements for their vehicles, a rigorous and comprehensive series of bench tests are used to ensure unimpeachable quality. Perhaps one of the most interesting challenges we’ve faced when designing solutions for a variety of industries is that of powering auxiliary electrical systems; Ensuring that the battery in the back of the van designed to run tools and devices is charged effectively, without compromising the vehicle’s own battery.

This used to be a fairly straightforward process, but due to the introduction of fuel saving technology in modern engines, in which batteries are typically charged to much lower voltages and the motion of the engine is used to regulate the charge, ensuring there is enough capacity to effectively power any additional devices and tools becomes a more complex task.

Bench testing auxiliary systems is therefore more crucial than ever, and by working closely with the client to discover exactly how much power they require to operate the vehicle’s on board equipment, how long they will need power for on a typical job and how often tools requiring power are needed on a day to day basis, we can design a truly built to last solution. By precisely defining the specifications for the van’s electrical supply with the client, a cost effective, reliable and efficient solution can be tested and installed.

There are many products that have been designed to overcome the challenges to effective split charging presented by newer engines, but before our designers and engineers even begin to consider using a particular product in a vehicle conversion, it must be rigorously tested. Performance in cold weather, time taken to charge tools and any adverse effects the product might have to the vehicle’s battery or our own design must be carefully monitored through a series of bench tests. By thoroughly analysing the capabilities and limitations of each product, we ensure that the solutions we design live up to our Built to Last ethos.

Overcoming challenges when designing and manufacturing a quality product is a useful and necessary part of the process. By bench testing key sub-systems and devices and ensuring only those that exactly match the specifications required by the client make it into the finished product, we know we’ve built a solution that embodies the principles of Built to Last.


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