Built to Last: The Amada EM Mark 2

No matter how clever the marketing, how ambitious the sales strategy, a company is only as good as the product it produces. If the manufacturing methods and equipment employed do not provide a product of genuine value and durability, the business cannot hope to survive in the long term.

This is why Bott and the Built to Last philosophy is wholeheartedly founded upon the high quality of the products we produce, a process that begins on the factory floor with our exacting manufacturing standards. As part of this, we are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new piece of equipment at our Bude facility that will help us to continue to create, with greater efficiency and flexibility, a product that embodies the Built to Last ideals.

The Amada EM Mark 2 replaces our current punching machine and represents the latest investment in a relationship with Amada that has lasted over 20 years. Amada’s commitment to high quality, long lasting machines mirrors our own desire to create exceptional products, and this latest machine is no exception, providing our factory with greatly increased flexibility and capacity, as well as improved automation.


The upgraded machine boasts a 15 pallet tower system each with a 3 tonne capacity. Compared to the twin pallet, 6 tonne capability of its predecessor. The advantages are numerous: Bott’s ability to simultaneously punch several sheets of steel with absolute precision is vastly increased, along with the speed at which these sheets can be produced. The end result is increased capacity, flexibility and consistent high quality; allowing us deliver short lead times, and respond to customer demands and by doing so, grow the business. In fact almost all of our products are built to order, enabling us to offer a very wide range of both workshop equipment and in-vehicle solutions. This approach also cuts down on waste as we’re not holding product in stock and trying to second guess our customer requirements.

The introduction of Amada’s next generation punching cell goes beyond simply upgrading factory machinery. Our partnership with Amada is one of durability, stability and trust, key tenets of the Built to Last philosophy. Through forging business relationships like these, our business and our customers reap the benefits, as evidenced by the Mark 2 machine, the first of its type to be used in England. By applying the Built to Last principles across the business, from inspiration to manufacturing, we ensure each Bott product is of the very highest quality.


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