Built to Last ethos: Consistent product quality

To quote an old and much repeated phrase, many things in life, when subjected to close scrutiny turn out to be ‘all style and no substance’. At Bott we prefer to let our product speak for us, producing durable, functional storage solutions, expertly manufactured to repeatable standards in state of the art facilities.

Exceptional and consistent product quality is a keystone of our Built to Last ethos. Bott storage solutions are regularly assembled to order. This requires high flexibility in the manufacturing process, whilst ensuring that from raw material to installation, we maintain optimum efficiency and responsiveness.

To help achieve this goal, we recently commissioned a new panel bending centre at our Bude facility, increasing our total panel processing capacity by 50%. The machine, a Salvagnini P4xe, is a carefully selected addition to our production capability that meets defined flexibility criteria. With several new features, including the ability to program and load the next job before the end of the current cycle, the machine represents a major advance in reducing batch size whilst maintaining the efficiency of component processing. Not only is it mechanically more efficient; the Salvagnini machine consumes far less energy than its predecessors, helping to keep Bott’s carbon footprint down.

Smaller batches, which in a process built around the specific requirements of individual clients, mean that we can now fulfil each unique order faster, more efficiently and without any compromise on the quality of the product. This machine represents our commitment to providing the best quality storage solutions as efficiently as possible for clients, ensuring we uphold the Built to Last philosophy in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

With this machine now making our manufacturing process quicker, leaner and greener, and still producing high quality superbly finished storage solutions, we’re confident that we can deliver solutions which will exceed our customer’s expectations.

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