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Investment & Growth: Built to Last

What is growth? At first, it seems like a fairly simple question to answer for most businesses. Increased revenue streams, better profit margins, greater efficiency and innovation, as well as physical size are all fairly standard measures of how successfully a business is growing. However, this question becomes infinitely more complex when other factors are added into the equation: Is all business growth stable and sustainable? How does our growth as a business compare to our competitors? How is our growth as a business affected by macroeconomic factors?

For UK businesses, the past 5 years have been a period of growth and productivity, but unfortunately, it looks as if this trend might now be on the wane. The EEF reported reduced levels of growth and productivity in the fourth quarter of 2015 and with an impending vote on Britain’s future in the EU, businesses are looking to scale back investments, reducing levels of growth for the near future.

At Bott, we recognise that periods of economic growth are rarely permanent and their value must judged by the quality and sustainability of the improvements made to the business during that timeframe. We have worked extremely hard to try and achieve this by making a number of key investments in fixed assets at our site in Bude, ensuring that Bott has the equipment and facilities necessary to continue to grow sustainably.

One of the core changes to the way Bott is growing as a company is our increasing commitment to making our facilities as environmentally friendly as possible. As part of our ongoing site expansion, MIDAS construction installed a 50kw Photovoltaic panel system on the south side of our new roof, allowing us to generate electricity, even on cloudy days. In addition, we now have the ability to harvest rainwater for the factory, further reducing utility costs. Even little things can make a massive difference to the carbon footprint of our site, like replacing our lights with low power LED bulbs inside and out.

Perhaps the biggest investment we’ve made however is to the size of our Bude site. The factory has grown by 800m2 in 2015, making our production area safer, more efficient and much easier to manage. Site expansion is crucial to sustainable growth for Bott, as it gives us the flexibility to adjust machinery capacity and workflow, dramatically increasing our ability to adjust to product demand and fulfil the unique needs of individual clients.

We firmly believe that investing in the core of our business is the key to high quality growth that can be sustained in spite of external economic factors and what allows us to continue to innovate, create and provide an outstanding product and service for our clients.


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