Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Team

Return to Le Mans for Ford GT: Built to Last

Even for the layman, the very mention of the Le Mans summons images of beautiful cars and talented drivers, pushing themselves and their machines to the limit in pursuit of victory at the world’s most prestigious 24 hour race. For the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team however, Le Mans is much more than a race. In the words of executive chairman Bill Ford, “Fifty years ago, we witnessed one of the most legendary moments in motorsports history, as the duel between Ford and Ferrari took place on the track at Le Mans 1966”.

Ford cemented their place in racing history with a first, second and third clean sweep at Le Mans in 1966, a feat of engineering and racing brilliance that has gone unmatched since. In 1966, the Ford GT40 was, in some cases, over 100 miles per hour quicker than its rivals, had no power steering, offered less protection to the driver and above all, was incredibly demanding to drive. To have driven these cars non-stop for 24 hours, at speeds close to 220 mph and to not only win, but dominate the podium, is quite simply an astounding feat of engineering and skill.

Fast forward 50 years to 2016 and the Ford Chip Ganassi race team is raring to go and emulate the success of their predecessors. The GT supercars are now faster, lighter and bursting with 50 years worth of engineering development and innovation. Powered by Ford’s second generation EcoBoost V6 engine and with a brilliant and dedicated team of mechanics, engineers and drivers, there’s no doubt that Ford are ready to go up against the best endurance teams in the world and look to make history once more.

For Ford Chip Ganassi Racing, Le Mans 2016 is the point at which their cutting edge technology and engineering brilliance meets the historic triumph of the Ford Team half a century ago. With a first win at Laguna Seca for the IMSA team already under their belts this season, Le Mans 24 promises to be an incredible weekend of racing.


Bott would like to congratulate Ford Chip Ganassi Racing on their incredible performance at the Le Mans 24 Hours last weekend. 50 years to the day after their historic 1st, 2nd and 3rd clean sweep in 1966, the Ford team claimed 1st and 3rd place once more. It’s a fitting tribute to the racing pedigree of the car and a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of the mechanics and engineers, not to mention the sheer brilliance of the drivers, who pushed the cars and themselves to the very limit in victory.

Marking the 50-year anniversary of the Ford GT’s 1966 triumph with another win is a remarkable achievement, and one that we at Bott have been delighted to have been a part of with the World Endurance Championship team. We wish the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team every success for the rest of the season.


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