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How do you distil over 80 years of ethos development into a single phrase? It’s a tough challenge for any company, and one which the team took on at the start of this year. We wanted a simple message to encapsulate the philosophy and thinking behind our products and services. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the Bott  ‘Built to Last’ story.

This blog reveals the substance behind ‘Built to Last’. In future updates, we’ll explain the rigorous test procedures our products undergo before launch and show how a product which is ‘Built to Last’ reduces waste and environmental impact. To put it in context, we’re also going to explore wider examples of Built to Last – from the achievements of the iconic Victorian Engineer Brunel to the cutting-edge engineering of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car.

But let’s start with the products. At Bott we want to make something we’re proud of and as a company we only want to deliver workplace storage solutions that we and our customers can have real confidence in. When we asked our clients why they buy Bott, one clear fact came through – they choose us because the products deliver and carry on delivering, enabling them to answer their organisational needs and focus on running their own businesses more efficiently. To be honest, it’s what we’ve always done – tour most British factories and you’ll find a Bott product helping to keep things organised and tidy, underpinning the UK’s manufacturing resurgence.

How we’ve done this is no secret; it’s a case of sticking to key core values, many of which are shared by our customers. As a company that has had strong roots in Britain since the mid 70’s, we’ve witnessed  core UK manufacturing capacity first decline, relocate east towards Asia, and now  increasingly return home.

Among the many reasons cited for this manufacturing about-face are concerns over product quality, reliability of supply, inflexibility of overseas suppliers and increasing costs, however one reason quoted more regularly than others is perception of the built in obsolescence of many products and their ‘short-life’ designs. Since the 2008/9 financial crisis hit and credit became tight, there has been a sea change in customer quality expectation. ‘Just good enough’ is no longer acceptable to those parting with their hard earned cash. Customers are demanding demonstrable long-term value for their investments!

Bott has always manufactured its ranges and in turn this has allowed us to assure consistent quality by directly influencing and managing the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. As well as producing and assembling the products, we design and test them in house, meaning that when you buy a drawer cabinet with a 200kg per-drawer load rating or a 1000kg rated bench, you can be sure that it really delivers on the job for the long term. We’re going to be saying more on our market research and testing in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

In a world of increasing environmental impact concerns, making functional, serviceable, scalable products which stand the test of time, and don’t have to be regularly disposed of or replaced, really does make sense. We believe that real value is created by delivering solutions which last – it’s not the fastest way to grow a company, but it does build something worthwhile. This really motivates our team, who gain a real sense of pride in what we collectively achieve with our customers.

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